How to enter

$10 to enter
(cash only)

Announcements will be made on where to sign up

Tattoo Contest Schedule

  • Best Traditional
  • Best Arm/Leg Sleeve
  • Best Chest/Back
  • Best Unusal
  • Best of Day Friday
  • Best Large Color
    (8x8 and larger)
  • Best Medium Color
    (8x8 or smaller)
  • Best Small Color
    4x4 or smaller)
  • Best Large Black & Grey
    (8x8 and larger)
  • Best Medium Black & Grey
    (8x8 or smaller)
  • Best Small Black & Grey
    (4x4 or smaller)
  • Black & Grey Portrait
  • Best Cover Up
    (must provide before picture of cover up)
  • Best of Day Saturday
  • Best Lettering
  • Color Portrait
  • Best Realistic
  • Best Water Color
  • Best of Day Sunday
  • Best of Show